Motion Graphics

Stop Motion

Image of the process of creating the stop motion piece

This piece was inspired by the world contained inside of a book. With simple handmade props the story of a series of library books is told. This piece was developed to promote the Ottawa Public Library and create a fun visual representation of the many worlds contained in the library’s many volumes. This piece was created using stop motion photography and it was edited together using After Effects.

Parallax Video

Image of the process of creating the parallax animation piece

Neon Skates needed a fun way to advise their shoppers that they were moving out of iconic downtown Ottawa to a new neighbourhood. This piece draws inspiration from the capital’s many landmarks that are located near the store. This motion piece uses 3D space to create a parallax effect to simulate the movement of the van through the city.

Broadcast Package

Image of the process of creating the broadcast package piece

With a Twist is a fictional video channel that specializes in cocktail tutorials. This broadcast package includes an intro graphic, a bottom third, and an animated transition. The objective was to create a light-hearted and whimsical broadcast package that makes learning easy and accessible.


Image of the process of creating the rotoscoping piece

This piece was developed as a promo for a skater who was announcing that she was now going to be sponsored by a major rollerskate company. The objective was to create a video that captured her love of skating, her technical skills, and a bit of whimsy. This rotoscoping piece was created in Adobe Photoshop.

Walk Cycle

Image of the process of creating the walk cycle piece

A simple walk cycle can be a difficult feat to accomplish. This walk cycle piece focuses on following basic animation principles in order to achieve a polished and realistic final product. This piece was illustrated in Adobe Illustrator and animated using Adobe After Effects.